lundi 24 juillet 2017

East Coast USA

Much QRM but made it to K3RA in Maryland. The FT-817 and 5 watts cw on 20 meters. Trans-Atlantic contacts rarer now but good when they happen.

4 commentaires:

  1. Hi Dick, good job! Indeed it's hard to work QRP but not impossible. 73 Paul PC4T

  2. Hi Paul, very difficult in ssb, difficult in cw. The digital modes are more successful...can't get away from that fact. You are having some very goodresults, so I read. Guess I am an old Luddite. 73 de Dick

    1. Hi Dick, glad I can work digi modes (just the simple way with VOX and mic) no CAT control here. And age is just a number. ;-) 73 Paul PC4T

  3. Good evening Dick, very nice to hear from you again and getting state side these days with the conditions the way they are it an excellent contact and then to add it was QRP as well it fantastic.