lundi 6 février 2017

Weather still depressing

Still windy and rainy here. Not gale force which is a relief. Doesn't really bother me but the YL is unfavorably affected by it. One of those seasonally depressed types. Her health issues don't help, psychologically.

I was out in the rain trying to adjust my Par antenna to be more effective. Never an easy task. Especially with my restricted space operating conditions.

Worked K1TH in Plymouth, MA on 20 meter cw. Rig the Argonaut.  Looking up his call, noticed we have a couple of commonalities in our background. The photo is of Plymouth Colony Village. The YL and I visited it a couple years ago.

Am viewing a BBC production on streaming video. WW1 documentary. Perhaps the best I've seen. Many episodes and very detailed. It dates from the 1960's; back when the BBC was still producing quality programming.


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