lundi 13 février 2017

Strenuous going

Activity has been limited to local contacts. Less than 1000 miles from my QTH on the Brittany Coast. Some strong signals, but not as many as before.  As conditions continue to spiral down, QRO stations would do well to begin exercising their listening faculties and prepare themselves for long periods of weak-signals-only conditions.

I listen for NE USA calls at what would be the proper time of day. Very, very few heard. I must say that I can only operate on 20 meters so activity on the lower bands would probably be more productive.

Exception was W1MK in MA late yesterday afternoon. Rob was 599. I was 579. I have had a number of contacts with this good operator. Glad he heard me getting across the pond once again.

Continue watching the old BBC WW1 documentary, The carnage mind-numbing. The ineffective high-command military leadership of the British and French General staff, disgraceful. Aristocrats all, nothing more. Brave officers and men in the field.

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  2. Hi Dick, why not try a HyEndFed 3 band. It's only 11,5 meter in length. Then you can work on 40 meter too without a tuner. Hope everything is well with you and your YL. 73 Paul PC4T