jeudi 2 février 2017

Stormy night

Quite intense wind and rain storm tonight. Surf very strong and tides expected to be high tomorrow.

I did the unforgivable and incorrectly connected the Argonaut to the power supply. Reverse polarity event. Two fuses, one in the rig and one in-line on the power cord.  Fortunately they blew and saved the transceiver.  First time I ever did such a dumb thing. Had to go to a major home repair supply outlet to find proper fuse replacements, Some fuses available in the local supermarkets but not the type I needed. All OK now.

Unfortunately, 2-way contacts have been non-DX. Did appear on the RBN as logged by a number of east coast NA stations, but nothing beats a 2-way DX QSO.

Not as frustrated as I would have been years ago. More important things to fret over these days.

73 Dick

3 commentaires:

  1. Good evening Dick and very nice to hear from you again, we have all done this and like you I was very fortunate to only have to replace a fuse or two.
    Have a nice weekend

  2. Hello Mike. Well, I am usually very careful when connecting any rig to a power supply. I missed the boat, last week. The 509 was introduced sometime after 1973. There are no longer any TT components, including final transistors. So, when it's gone, it's gone. Dodged the bullet. 73 de Dick

  3. Hi Dick, oh my, you wrote a few weeks ago about these components. I hope you can rescue the Argonaut. Last night I saw on tv the storm that hits the coast of French. Winds up to 120 km/sec. 73 Paul PC4T