mardi 10 janvier 2017

You know you are really getting old when.....

My USA amateur license is coming up for renewal this year. That fact put me to musing over the "license-type" official documents we update for ten years or more. And if it may be the last time we do so.

So, maybe a last time for my USA ham license; a last time for my French resident ID card scheduled for next year; USA driver's license next year maybe for the last time. My passport was renewed in 2016 so some nine years to go.

Probably something else that hasn't come to mind.

Hey, I'm not depressed. Life is like a coin. It has two sides. A head and a tail. Life and you-know-what.

I managed to jury-rig my Argonaut 509 into operational mode having sat in a box for many months. Delicate condition but functioning. So nice to have a QRP-only rig that is larger than a package of cigarettes.

One very difficult QSO into the USA NE. QRN and weak signals.

Picture taken in New York City a few years ago.


2 commentaires:

  1. Hi Dick, I know what you mean. In 1,5 years I will be 70. And the same kind of thoughts comes to my mind also. As long we are healthy and compos mentis, and we can enjoy life as it comes, I will go for it. I saw the picture of the Argonaut 509, and I envy you. As you probably know, I had that rig in 1978. Unfortunately I sold that rig and now I regret it. Good job to reach the other side of the pound. Yesterday propagation was poor. I did hear only a few Russian stations. Maybe later today I will be QRV on 20 meter. 73 Paul PC4T

  2. Hi Paul. Yes the Argonaut is a fine rig. I do remember you commenting that you had one in the past. Unfortunately, there are no longer any parts for it least from what was the TenTec Company. So when a component is gone, it is gone forever.

    Oh, at 77 I have a few years on you. 73 and stay well, Dick.