mardi 10 janvier 2017

Back again

I have decided to bring back the blog. I have a bit more time now to comment on activities. The blog will also act as a sort-of log of QRP contacts. DX, naturally but also more interesting continental contacts.

Stay QRP if you can.

3 commentaires:

  1. Nice to see you're back Dick. Same time Paul PC4T brought back his blog (yesterday). Hope to read some interesting QRP adventures from you. 73, Bas

  2. Hi Dick, good to see you around here. We have refreshed our batteries. ;-) Yes, I will go on with QRP. I did some WSPR test with 1 mW and best DX was 2000 km on 20 meter. 73 Paul

  3. Hello Bas and Paul. Well, when I saw that Paul had opened his blog again, I was inspired to do the same. In fact, I think I dropped mine on the same day you did, Paul. And Paul, that was great QRPp distance with WSPR. I will remain all-cw, for now at least. 73, Dick