mardi 15 mars 2016

Lost last

I lost my last post. Nothing new about that. Wasn't any big news. Just laid out my equipment plan.

Since the HW-8 is doing so well (lots of good RBN reports), I think I will stay with that rig until it gives out or conditions go to a constant fair or poor.

Don't expect to do much with one watt when this cycle tanks out.

Then go to my K1 rigs with a full five watts to the antenna.

I expressed interest in the Ten-Tec analog Century 21. Had one when it was first on the market. I may be getting one back in the USA. If so, it will be my USA station rig. Power supply is 110V and built in. Would need an outboard step up/down transformer if I were to use it in France.

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  1. Hi Dick, good plan. I will use my 2 transceivers till the very end. No plans for new stuff really. 73 Paul PC4T