dimanche 20 mars 2016

Contest weekend for confirmed non-contester

The 20 meter cw band was wall-to-wall with contest participants. A Russian one I believe, judging from call signs. As I don't contest, was a good time to review equipment stored in boxes. Re-discovered my Argonaut 509 which has been there for months. The outboard T-T 208 Argonaut cw filter needs some repair. Bad solder connection between it's plug and the 509. By jigging the connecting cord around, managed to keep the filter functioning. Very necessary attachment on this broad rig. Worked a couple of stations including one in upstate New York. Now that Ten-Tec is essentially no more, good idea to use the rig while it lasts. There are no replacement parts or components from Ten Tec. And so, no service. Still keeping my HW-8 on line for good condition, non-QRM days.

1 commentaire:

  1. Good morning Dick, very nice to hear from you and during contest time it a very good way to check out a radio, antenna or just get on the air and make some contacts. Regarding Ten Tec I sue must be out of the loop as when I read your comment about the company I went to Google and did some digging. I was shocked to read about how many times the company changed hands. Also the most recent owner seems to want to upright the company but at the same time seems to have ticked off some in the ham community.
    73, Mike