jeudi 4 février 2016

In case you were wondering

A week before Christmas, my French YL suffered a very serious heart attack. So serious that it required a defibrillator and pacemaker implant.

Several hospitals were involved particularly the excellent cardiac unit in Brest. She is recovering but very slowly. Now in a rest-type home to relax a bit until late February, then for 3 or 4 weeks in a cardiac re-education center. Very intense program. No visitors allowed but weekends will be spent with me here in Benodet.

Naturally, I have been an emotional and physical wreck. Slowly adjusting to, what will be, our new lives. Things will never be the same again but must be accepted and dealt with. 

I have not been on the air since her original attack before Christmas and only during the past few days have sent out a a QRP CQ on 20 meters. I noted the RBN observed that a couple of USA stations heard me. I am not making any great efforts or spending long hours on the band. My heart isn't in it, right now.

No travelling this year. However, I must return to the USA for a few weeks in late summer early fall. Just can't avoid it. Complicated living in two countries with obligations to both.

So that is the story. I will try to get on 20 meters for a short time during the day, when it is open. Can't say at what time.

Take care and 72/73


7 commentaires:

  1. Wow Dick, that's very heavy! Wished good luck and I hope your YL will recover soon. 73 Hans, PE1BVQ.

  2. Best wishes and prayers that your YL makes a full recovery.

    73 de Larry W2LJ

  3. Best wishes and prayers that your YL makes a full recovery.

    73 de Larry W2LJ

  4. Hi Dick, sorry to hear about your YL. I hope she will soon recover from this heart attack. I was wondering indeed. I thought there must be a reason. I can understand your world is up side down. Best wishes for you both, take care, 72/73 Paul PC4T

  5. all the very best to you and your YL... Hope all turns out well for you both...

    rgds m3aaq

  6. Good evening Dick, just flipped the PC on this evening as I have been busy with other things and just read your post. Our thoughts go out to you and your YL. She seems to be in very good hands right now, rest up as she is going to need you when she gets home.
    Thanks for sharing.
    72 Mike

  7. Thank you all for your kind responses. Very much appreciated. 73 Dick