vendredi 19 février 2016

Defibrillator research

I have been doing some research on the subject of defibrillators  and precautions that must be taken by those having such a device implanted.

There are many that must become part of daily living.

The manufacturer's website plus several respectable hospital and cardiac clinics were the source of information. In effect, anywhere from 6 inches to 2 feet distances must be maintained from certain items, so making their use inadvisable.

As my Par EF-20 wire antenna is low, I wanted to be sure that it would not be too close to my YL. At a QRP level, a 0.30480 to 0.60960 (meter) distance from the wire to the defibrillator will not pose a problem. Remembered, it is the distance from the antenna that is critical, not from the radio transmitter.

I wouldn't dream of running a QRO rig any longer. A 100 watt distance is much more than a 5 watt distance to respect. I suppose having been essentially QRP all these years has conditioned me to very low power use.

I will put the FT-707 and FT-857 up for sale...or trade for QRP gear. If you find yourself in Benodet, France and are interested, let me know.

Speaking of QRP, I worked PJ2/HB9BJL after dark last night. Five watts from the K1.

My YL still has a way to go in recovery and is still absent from the house. She should be back next Tuesday for a while. Still needs a valve replacement and a three-week stay in a reeducation center.

Not easy days, months actually.

73 Dick

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  1. Hi Dick, good to hear your YL is slowly recovering. Next step is the valve replacement. I have a friend that has a pacemaker as well a defibrillator inplant and all is well with him. QRP levels are no problem. PJ2 is a nice catch. Still on my wish list. Take care, have a good weekend, 73 Paul PC4T

  2. Hi Paul. I am amazed how many people are walking around with these devices implanted in their chests. My brother has had one for 3 or 4 years! Flies and drives all over the USA. I suppose it was fortunate that his implant was done at age 62...not 74 like Nicole. He was still relatively young. 73 Dick

  3. Good evening Dick, as Paul has said it s very good to hear your YL is doing better. It's one day at a time for sure, she is very lucky to have a gentleman such as yourself!
    Thanks for the update

  4. Thank you, Mike. We are all hanging in. 73 Dick