lundi 7 décembre 2015

QRP and QRPp

I have resurrected my blog, though it will never be as up-to-date as in years past.

I have decided to concentrate on 1 watt QRP...possibly less.  Today I worked Italy, Hungary, and T77C in San Marino. This was with one watt from my HW-8.The QSO with Hungary qualified for the 1000 miles per watt accomplishment.

My rig of choice, for now, will be the HW-8. A very quiet, primitive transceiver (by today's standards). Having a one-watt only rig in operation avoids the temptation of going to a full 5 watts.

My FT-817 was back on the desk. I like it's  ability to click power output up and down via the pre-set power control.

The FT-817 proved to be too "noisy". Mostly internal, I think.  I replaced it with my K1 which has a quieter receiver.

73 Dick

2 commentaires:

  1. Hi Dick, nice photo of the shack. I like the HW8 because it isn't small like most of the rigs nowadays. Good catch San Marino. I have decided to work in 2016 only with 1 watt CW on 40 or 20 meters. Maybe 10 meters when open. The same with qrp activity with JT9 or JT65. But it will be mainly CW. 73 Paul PC4T

  2. Hi Paul. I noted your plans for 2016 on your own blog. Good luck 73 Dick