samedi 9 février 2013

Mardi Gras

The Cote d'Azur will be having this usual event beginning today. Nice has the largest and most attended. But, Saint Raphael, near Cannes, will have its' own. In fact, they will be assembling later this morning to begin the parade.  Right across the street in a large parking area. Too bad I failed to bring my camera. The Mistral wind is picking up. Should make the parade interesting. Lift a few of the young ladies' skirts. DOM!

I received an e-QSL from my New Zealand contact. Not an elegant card, but neither was my RST of 429. Good enough on both counts, though.

Limited time operating and still, mostly, restricted to continental stations. I should be pleased as I expected to be SWLing only.

Talked to my sister in central NYS. Snow, yes. but not overwhelming. No power outages and her driveway was plowed so not so bad.

Have a nice Sunday.

73 Dick

3 commentaires:

  1. Hi Dick, nice to have a ZL confirmed qsl card. I saw on the news that the snow storm is heavy in the US. Tonight we had snow but temperatures are above 0 C today. 73 Paul

  2. Good evening Dick, good to hear you were able to contact your sister and all is well. Things have calmed down here to the point that tomorrow it is supposed to now hit +6C!! Then the next day it is to go right back down again.
    Have a good week


  3. Good Monday morning Paul and Mike. The parade went off well. We saw most of it from the balcony and avoided the street level crowds. Raining cats and dogs here right now. 73 Dick