dimanche 28 juin 2015

Second DX contact

Conditions have been poor here but not unexpected. I heard  ZP6CW calling CQ on 20 meters very early Sunday evening. He came back to me and we made it a two-way. My first QSO with Paraguay in a very long time. 4843 miles from central New York State. The rig (only rig) the OHR 100A at 5 watts. The antenna, Buddistick tweaked with a small MFJ tuner.

No other great contacts. In fact, few of any kind. We are off to New York City for July 4. Expect to visit Lafayette's ship...if we can get close enough.

jeudi 18 juin 2015

First DX worked from here in USA (as N2UGB)

I heard EA2IF calling CQ on 20 meters late afternoon USA east coast time. I answered and Guru returned with a solid 559 report. He was QRO with a Yagi antenna which contributed very much to the contact. I was about 5 watts. I wasn't surprised by having a non-rare DX QRP QSO but was surprised by having it with only my Buddistick out the window and then through the MFJ tuner. When I can I will photograph the antenna and post it here. 73 Dick

mercredi 17 juin 2015

Back in the USA

Had one of my more agreeable flights. Left CDG on time and arrived in JFK early.  Doesn't get much better than that. Rental car waiting and a good drive to central NY state. The arrival weather was warm and humid with showers. Today, Wednesday, is mild with low humidity. Family visits underway.

Set up the station. (See photo). The antenna turned out to be a buddistick through an MFJ tuner. As planned, the OHR rig is on duty. Had one QSO with an operator in Indiana, also QRP. Can't complain considering the situation here.

As I once mentioned, I will try to be on 14.060 at around  2200 UTC whenever I can. Will be looking for a transatlantic QSO. If anyone hears me (and I don't hear you), an e-mail will be appreciated.

73 Dick

mardi 9 juin 2015

Reactivating N2UGB

I expect to be back in New York State early next week. This will be my last entry from Benodet for a while. Gear is packed and ready to go. Will be the OHR100A which will keep me mono-band on 20 meters. I will be using an MFJ-971 antenna tuner as I have no intention of going crazy trying to get the MP-1 vertical that is out on the windowsill fully resonant. No longer have the patience or energy to do so.  My operating will be on or near 14.060. I will try be on the air very late evenings Euro-time. Perhaps the band may be open for some cross Atlantic traffic. If you do hear me, an e-mail would be appreciated.

Anyway, my operating will be sporadic at best. Much family business to be taken care of plus a nice trip to Gloucester, Mass. We will be in NYC to visit the Hermione, Lafayette's ship that will be in port. If we manage to get close enough, I will take a few photos and post them here.

Have a wonderful summer wherever you may be.

73 Dick

vendredi 29 mai 2015

Cuba si

Very early morning Benodet time, heard CO2RQ calling CQ,  about a 579 signal. I called him. Had to repeat my own call a couple of times before he had it. Managed to complete the QSO though I only received a 339 report. Rig K1.

I'll take it and thanks Rey for hanging in.

mercredi 27 mai 2015

Getting close to departure time

The YL and I are preparing for our USA stay again. A couple of months or so. I expect to take the OHR 100A 20 meter rig with me, (and keep it there). The antenna will be an MP-1. No great operating expectations.

I haven't been very active. I did work VE2WU again the other day; no extended QSO as he was working a string. Other contacts were the usual Euro stations. I did have a contact with DL2DUA/MM this evening. Not sure where he was. His ship was the "New York Express". At least on his QRZ.Com page. Somewhere out there. My rig was the K1.

Late entry...worked KA1R. Matt in MA.  Had the Argonaut 509 on line.

vendredi 15 mai 2015

Not much doing

It has been pretty quiet here lately. While I heard some USA stations on 20 meters, I was unable to make contact. Interesting that they were calling CQ and no one was answering. An exception on Friday was VE2WU Marten. He was calling CQ, also numerous times with no response. I replied over and over and finally raised him. We ended up with a  nice long QSO. I was about 4 watts on the Argonaut 509.

This is the RBN screen just printed at about 0845 French time.

S50ARX F8WBD14038.3CW CQ2 dB14 wpm0636z 16 May
AA4VV F8WBD14038.3CW CQ6 dB14 wpm0636z 16 May
NY3A F8WBD14038.3CW CQ14 dB16 wpm0636z 16 May
OL5Q F8WBD14038.6CW CQ7 dB15 wpm0636z 16 May
DL9GTB F8WBD14038.3CW CQ4 dB15 wpm0636z 16 May
VE2WU F8WBD14038.3CW CQ8 dB14 wpm0635z 16 May
W4KKN F8WBD14038.3CW CQ14 dB15 wpm0635z 16 May
OH6BG F8WBD14038.3CW CQ7 dB15 wpm0635z 16 May
PJ2A F8WBD14038.2CW CQ11 dB15 wpm0635z 16 May
IK3STG F8WBD14038.3CW CQ7 dB14 wpm0635z 16 May
HA1VHF F8WBD14038.3CW CQ11 dB14 wpm0635z 16 May
WZ7I F8WBD14038.3CW CQ15 dB14 wpm0635z 16 May
LA6TPA F8WBD14038.3CW CQ10 dB14 wpm0635z 16 May
LA5EKA F8WBD14038.3CW CQ11 dB15 wpm0635z 16 May
SE0X F8WBD14038.3CW CQ8 dB14 wpm0635z 16 May